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Let Morocco Fixer take you to a country where every corner has film set potential. This is a mythical land with a rich preserved history all around. From endless narrow alleys in Marrakesh to the winding cliff roads of the Atlas Mountains. 

You are not the first to be filming in Morocco. Its colorful and varied landscape has made appearances in a number of Hollywood movies. The list includes Lawrence of Arabia, Gladiator and Sex & the City. Our location manager can show you more enchanting places. 

Morocco’s African and Arabic influences are a convenient alternative to many locations around the world. The scenes in Kenya in Inception were filmed here. As were the scenes in Iraq in American Sniper. Other reasons why Morocco serves as the double to other countries is the easy way of getting film permits and its well-developed film industry.

Planning a full feature film or need exotic scenes for your brand video? Let Morocco Fixer organize your entire overseas production. From fact-checking with our journalist fixer to creating a completely new film set in the Sahara desert – we can work wonders.

Once you arrive in Morocco it is easy to understand why it is a beloved filming location. There are several film studios spread across the country and a large community of film professionals ready to work with you. Few countries are as versatile with such a well-developed film industry as Morocco.

Benefits Of Working With Morocco Fixer

When working with Morocco Fixer you get a taste of why box-office movies are filmed here. And you don’t need a bottomless budget to experience it. Filming in Morocco is quite reasonable budget-wise and in return, you get priceless views.

Our film fixer in Morocco has an in with the local producers, directors and talent. Finding a talented and experienced crew won’t be a problem here. Day rates and buyouts for production assistance are negotiable and we are happy to handle them for you.

Although filming in Morocco offers incredible landscapes, this is not always the most convenient option for film productions. For scenes that are better done indoors, we can get organized with one of the big three film studios in Morocco. These are a good alternative for more complicated action scenes.

Morocco is a very large country so filming in several locations requires some logistical planning. We can reserve 4WDs and other forms of transportation for crew and equipment. When filming in Morocco you can be at the beach in Casablanca one day and in the snow of the Atlas Mountains the next day.

Tourism is one of the most important economic sectors in Morocco. This means that there is no lack of hotels. However, there is a difference between booking a luxury vacation and a film-friendly hotel. Our film fixer in Morocco knows exactly what you and your crew needs. Our production assistance is a complete service.


Filming In Morocco With Us

When filming in Morocco with us you know everything is taken care of. Our film fixer works around the clock to ensure that you have all the elements for a spectacular production. From pre-production to post-production, we know what needs to get done.

Long before you board the flight, our work has begun. Morocco Fixer not only prepares the filming locations but also your film permits. Contact our location manager for detailed information on potential filming locations and what paperwork needs to be filed beforehand.

We make sure that each member of your team has the appropriate visa in their passport to film in Morocco. And for every crew member that cannot fly with you, we have a local replacement. You won’t be missing a set of hands with our production assistance.

Morocco Fixer is a guiding hand for your film production in Morocco. We show you why this country is a beloved location for Hollywood. By working with us, you experience first hand all that Morocco has to offer for cinematography. For productions both big and small, there is unmissable opportunity in Morocco.

Stare directly at Spain from the shores of Africa. Go to the Sahara desert where time stands completely still. Embrace the Berber way of life in one of the hundreds of villages, both near the cities and isolated in the mountains. This is where you actualize the vision you are trying to create on film.

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